Studio Three Architects


S3 Architects is a full-service architectural and interior design firm.  Brian Hollars, founding principal, established the firm in 2007 as the design component of HandHewn Construction, a long-standing design-build company.  Since then, Brian closed the construction company in order to focus more time on the design practice.  Kelli Jordan, managing principal, joined Studio Three after serving Assistant Director of Facilities Planning and Management at Ball State University.  She brings to the firm a unique background of higher education and project management experience.

Studio Three’s focus is on innovative, cost-effective and buildable design solutions that exceed clients’ expectations.  Most of our work is with adaptive reuse and renovation projects with interior design and material selection as important components.  We understand what existing building elements lend themselves to better or new uses and are adept at finding creative ways to transform them into great spaces.  These projects make the best use of budgets and include long-term cost considerations like durability and ease of maintenance.

Studio Three Architects is a collection of talented individuals who live in and care about this community,.  We are very aware of how the environment, both natural and humanly-made creates a sense of place.  We understand what makes spaces comfortable to people, useful and authentic.  We understand materials, their origins, their durability, maintainability and environmental impact.  We understand cost effectiveness, budgets and logical phasing of work.  We also design in a way that allows participation by local and regional suppliers and contractors. He have good working relationships with several area contractors and understand which ones are best for which jobs.

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