Peridot Interiors Inc.

Designing Home.

At Peridot Interiors our purpose is to craft spaces that transcend mere design –
spaces that echo the very essence of ‘home.’ Our commitment
is to create spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but
where every detail, every color, and every texture is carefully
curated to resonate with the very essence of our clients. We
believe in the transformative power of design that makes them
feel not only at home but truly understood and reflected. We
deeply value the individuality of our clients, focusing our efforts
on designs that reflect and celebrate their unique stories, tastes,
and aspirations. By embracing a collaborative and thoughtful
process and incorporating their desires, our ultimate goal is to
make each space a true reflection of them, a sanctuary where
they find peace, joy, and a profound sense of belonging.

Business Type: Services
District: Central Business District
Phone: (910) 685-8850

Visit us at:

2 N. Front St., Suite 7
Wilmington, North Carolina 28401