Happy New Year!

2021 has certainly been a year we will never forget!  Many of us began the year personally recovering from the COVID virus. As soon as the vaccine was available, we cautiously began to relax a little, hopeful that we would see the end of this virus.   From a business standpoint, many of us began to see a tremendous increase in the number of people relocating to our market, buying homes and opening new businesses.  Tourism in our market increased significantly, thus the pressure on our businesses to deliver at a volume greater than ever experienced in Downtown Wilmington. With this increased demand came the issue we now know as “employee fatigue”.  Owners and their staff were working hours that were beyond comprehension and retention became challenging.  Many Downtown businesses reported revenues higher than in the history of their business.  New Covid variants continued to challenge us but, even with all of these challenges we have continued to do what we do best in Downtown Wilmington, we rise to the challenge and support one another!!