Outdoor Equipped

Outdoor Apparel & Footwear

Outdoor Equipped was created with the adventurer in mind. We wanted to create a company that allowed us to showcase what we love, and help others discover how amazing life can be when you get out into the world. Whether it is visiting Everest Base Camp, surfing Mavericks or camping with your kids, our main goal is help people get outdoors and get equipped. Whatever your journey OE wants to make it more enjoyable by offering the best apparel, gear and footwear on the market. We have an amazing staff that works around the clock to ensure that we are able to provide the best service our customers could ask for. This life is worth living, and we believe it’s best spent outdoors. Get outdoors. Get equipped.

Business Type: Retail
District: Central Business
Phone: 910-769-1640

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272 N. Front Street Suite 101
Wilmington, NC 28401