Why community is healthy for your business

Support from people just like you in business, often a small business, with the same challenges and the same goals your business faces can make a difference in the way you approach growth, marketing and other bottom line decisions.  Community surrounds and accepts its group and provides an outlet to often network, learn from and cooperate with other stakeholders.  A community of businesses want to lift each other up and will be more likely to assist in ways that otherwise might be cost prohibitive for services needed.  That is a healthy advantage!   DBA is such a community.

If you own a business and want to get to know the DBA gang of great folks you should come to our meeting sometime. January’s meeting was at Ronald Sachs Violins Wilmington, NC hosted by Adrian Varnam. Updates on downtown happenings, items of interest and great networking all combine for furthering your business interest while supporting downtown. Check us out at dbawilmington.org Thank you Craig Stinson of Arts Friendly for the photos. #fivedistrictsoffun #shoppingeatingplayingworking