Short Term Lodging – The Outcome 2019

The city’s new rules on short-term lodging are finalized and operators will be able to register beginning March 15. Short-term lodging includes stays up to 29 nights. Stays of 30 nights or longer are considered long-term. There are two types of short-term lodging permitted in the city:

Homestay lodging: The rental of individual bedrooms within the host’s home. The host lives and remains onsite during the rental period. This definition also includes accessory dwelling units as long as the host is living on the property full-time and is there during the entire rental period.

Whole-house lodging: The rental of an entire dwelling when there is no resident on the property. A local operator who is within 25 miles and is available 24 hours a day is required for this type of lodging. Whole-house lodging uses in residential districts will be subject to a 400’ separation requirement as well as a 2% cap of all residentially zoned structures in the city.  Owners wishing to apply for a whole-house rental in a residential district should submit their registration information (accessible beginning March 15), supporting documentation, and registration fee prior to April 14, 2019. In the event that multiple applications are received within the 400’ separation, those properties will be entered into a lottery to determine who will be permitted to keep their registration beyond the one-year amortization period. All properties not illegally operating as of the effective date of the ordinance will be permitted to continue operating for one year after the lottery date, after which the property must comply with city code.

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