Proposed Smoking/Vaping Ban

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DBA (Downtown Business Alliance) has agreed to prepare and distribute a survey for your input regarding a very restrictive smoking ban proposed involving not only Downtown Wilmington, but all of New Hanover County. There is a sense of urgency and your response is of the utmost importance.  We ask that you respond by Sunday, February 16, 2020.  The goal is to deliver a summary of the input gathered from this survey and present it to New Hanover County Health and Humans Services at their meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020. We will also be sending the summary outcome to the New Hanover County Commissioners and Wilmington City Council.

New Hanover County Health and Human Services Board is recommending that the New Hanover County Commission approve a ban on smoking (including vaping) in outdoor public areas, including sidewalks and government owned property.  Smoking or vaping would be allowed for places with patios that meet certain restrictive criteria.

As currently proposed, the ban would affect Downtown businesses, real estate, most downtown parking lots and all downtown festivals and special events.  Penalties would carry a fine of $50 for the smoker and $200 for the building owner or leasee, if they control the space.  We have been informed that New Hanover County Health and Human Services is considering expanding the scope of the ban to include private properties as well, such as shopping centers, and free-standing commercial enterprises throughout New Hanover County.

Downtown Examples:
·       A person walking on a sidewalk smoking would be subject to a $50 fine.
·       A smoker sitting at a table in front of Hell’s Kitchen would receive a $50 fine and the business would receive a $200 fine, as it controls the space where the tables are placed.
·       A customer at Barbary Coast standing outside smoking/vaping could receive a $50 fine but the business would not as the bar does not control or leases the sidewalk.
·       A person smoking/vaping on a sidewalk watching the St. Patrick’s Day parade would receive a $50 fine and DBA would receive a $200 fine, as they hold the permit for the event.
Based on the above information, please rate your answers on a scale of 1 to 5.  1 (one) representing NOT IN agreement and 5 (five) representing HIGHLY agree.