Oct 2020 Update On Proposed Smoking/Vaping Ban

Current Update on the Proposed Smoking Ban – October 2020

First approved by the board inĀ December of 2019, the rule would effectively ban smoking and tobacco use throughout the county in public spaces.Ā  Ā It will now be decided by the 5 member County Commissions at one of their upcoming 3 meetings.Ā  DBA believes this far reaching ban and it’s language will be detrimental in many ways for our downtown businesses and our tourist season.Ā  Covid-19 has already made it difficult for our downtown businesses by impacting both tourism and local foot traffic.Ā  Ā Imagine if an out-of-town visitor is walking on city sidewalks or the Riverwalk and gets cited for smoking a tobacco or electronic cigarette.Ā  That visitor may not be aware of this “county only” ban.Ā  The wait staff at a restaurant could be sited if the restaurant does not have the outside space to enclose a smoke only area.Ā  County Commissioner Rob Zapple appears to be the swing vote.Ā  Contact him directly to make your voice heard!


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Read the full recommendation from the New Hanover County Health and Human Services BoardĀ  Revised-HHSB-Smoking-Rule-for-Vote-10202020:

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