Keller Williams Wilmington NC

Nat has lived and worked in Wilmington since 2004 and has been involved in the real estate, mortgage, and marketing industries since 1996. Prior to joining Keller Williams, Nat was the Marketing Director for one of the nation’s leading mortgage brokers and worked in real estate in Burlington, Vermont. Nat is also one of the owners of ILM Marketing, a digital marketing agency in downtown Wilmington. Nat uses his marketing background and resources to help homeowners market their properties in a crowded field.

Originally from Meadville, PA, Nat graduated from the College of Wooster in Ohio and spent seven years in Burlington before relocating to Wilmington in 2005. Nat and his wife Megan live in the Masonboro Loop area of Wilmington with their two boys, Cooper and Jalen.

Business Type: Services
District: Central Business
Phone: 910-547-6910

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1838 Sir Tyler Dr #200
Wilmington, NC 28405