Being led by the Holy Spirit, this Corporation will proclaim the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ at any and every opportunity that becomes available in Brunswick County throughout North Carolina. The Corporation will operate a “Handy Man Ministry” that is provided skilled labor for home repairs-home maintenance/upkeep needs, plumbing, carpentry skills and yard maintenance. This work will provide opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and share His love through assisting others in need. However, specific emphasis will be given to widows, single mothers and senior citizens. This Corporation will also assist churches in developing a “Handy Man Ministry” as a means of Ministry, evangelism and outreach in their respective communities. The officers will contribute a minimum of 20% of their time and the President 100% of my time.Volunteers will also assist as needed. Funding will be provided by public charitable contributions. Funds raising activities will involve mail solicitations, telephone solicitation and making presentations to local churches for financial assistance.

Business Type: Services
District: Brooklyn Arts District
Phone: (910) 515-1262

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820 N 2ND ST
WILMINGTON, North Carolina 28401