Deb Mayak-Best Version Media

Bringing PeopleĀ Together

IĀ am a publisher with Best Version Media who currently publishes a monthly magazine calledĀ Porters Neck LivingĀ in Wilmington, NC.Ā Ā WeĀ partner with the Porters Neck/Figure Eight Island neighborhoods, reachingĀ over 3500Ā homes in the Porters Neck area. We work with businesses that market themselves to higher-end neighborhoods, as well as help these subdivisions get local businesses to sponsor their private publication. I am also launching a magazine in Hampstead, NC which will reachĀ over 3300Ā home owners calledĀ Hampstead NeighborsĀ which is expected out this summer.

We are a full color, glossy magazine that is mailed MONTHLY. We only mail to homeowners, no apartments! We areĀ social mediaĀ in print form. The content is written by the community and our expert contributors. We have organic community interest articles such as a travel section, pet corner, kids corner, recipes, and classified ads for free.Ā The community is very engaged, involved and loves our positive, uplifting publication!

Our product BRANDS you….when a resident needs the services you offer, they are going to call YOU because you are sponsoring a magazine that they love and see every month

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