Arts Friendly

Certified Arts Friendly status signifies unwavering commitment to the arts and our arts community

At Arts Friendly, we are building a coalition of businesses that promote and support our local arts community.  Businesses can identify as Certified Arts Friendly through our certification program.  In turn, half of their certification investment goes to the Arts Friendly Foundation.  In addition to Certified Arts Friendly contributions the foundation raises money throughout the calendar year and distributes the funds evenly to pre-qualified and pre-determined local arts nonprofits.  The funds distributed are for operations and are used to advance their mission of quality arts programming.

For 2019 we have 5 recipients:  DREAMS of Wilmington, Opera Wilmington, Thalian Association Community Theatre, Wilmington Art Association, and Wilmington Jewish Film Festival.

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The Arts Friendly Foundation strengthens local communities by supporting the operations of arts nonprofits.  Your support to the Arts Friendly Foundation is added to this year’s total and divided evenly between this year’s local arts nonprofits.

  • Mail Your Check to:  Arts Friendly Foundation, PO Box 514, Wilmington, NC  28402
  • Support Offers from Certified Arts Friendly Businesses:

Business Type: Services
District: Central Business
Phone: 910-524-2679

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