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Hi. I am Denny Graham, the owner of Graham’s Tree Service and we are a tree service business in the Wilmington area. I have been in business since 1982. I have full liability insurance and all workers are covered by Workers’ Compensation insurance. I moved to Wilmington from Houston in August of 2017. In 1982 Houston was hit by Hurricane Alicia, a major Cat 3 Hurricane that was much worse than what we just went through here in this area with Hurricane Florence. The damage was worse in every way. I had started my own tree business 1 year before Hurricane Alicia hit Houston and the very next day after Alicia came through town my phone was ringing off the hook for 3 months. It was incredible. I have still maintained my tree business since I started it in 1982. I perform tree removals, surgery and removal of dead wood that can ruin or even kill a tree. I also perform detailed, artistic fine pruning and trimming. My pride and joy is trimming and thinning out overgrown, neglected trees, (especially oak trees) and turning them into sculptured living works of art. It really is an art form and a lot of tree trimmers/pruners don’t have an eye for it. I’ve learned that it’s not only important what you “do” remove out of the tree but what you “don’t” remove that’s important.
Many of the tree companies that came into Wilmington from out of state after Hurricane Florence hit here in our area have now gone to Florida after Hurricane Michael hit there to chase the latest “disaster”. The local tree companies in the Wilmington area such as myself are still here and will be here for your continuing needs. I’d like to do your much needed emergency work now if you still have any and I can also arrange other work for right now or we can set a date for later for things that can wait awhile if you wish. I’m a very personable, friendly likable fellow and I have excellent references. Simply give me a call and I’ll drop by to discuss your needs.

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