CraftGrown Farms

Just Better

People always ask how I got into growing microgreens and hydroponics…

In 2016,  my neighbor and I decided to grow more of our own food.  We were well on our way when I got word I was going back to Iraq and maybe to Syria.  In Syria, I saw trucks full of fresh vegetables…grown in the summer in the Syrian desert…that was it – I knew I could do this!  A friend told me about microgreens and after a little research – I was in. 

Now I have brought that same dream to Wilmington.  My goal is to provide heathy, tasty foods that better the community.  Eating healthy doesn’t have to be a sacrifice, it can be really fun and taste good all at the same time!  Come by for a sample and let me prove that healthy food can be easy and full of flavor!

Business Type: Eat & DrinkRetailServices
District: Castle Street District
Phone: (910) 399-5220

Visit us at:

603 Castle Street
Wilmington, NC 28401